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Home Equity Loans Direct ® offers equity credit lines and loans for debt consolidation, home remodeling and cash back loans. Apply now for a direct home equity loan and we will explain how you may qualify to borrow an additional 25% more than your property is appraised at. This cash loan is special for homeowners with good fico scores that want to utilize future equity in their home now. We take the worry out of home equity financing by making our loan process as smooth as possible. Are you looking to raise capital by borrowing against the equity in your home? We have competitive interest rates for borrowers with equity and good credit. We also offer equity loans for people who do not have any equity at all. Take a tour of our loan product portfolio and you will find a variety of loans: Interest Only Home Equity Line of Credit, Home Renovation, Fixed Rate Refinance and 1st Time Homebuyer Financing Specials.

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Finance Home Remodeling with a low rate credit line! Get money when you need it with our Home Improvement HELOC’s that are available using the equity against your property.

Put Money back in your wallet with all of the savings you will reap when consolidating bills into a fixed rate home equity loan.

The timing is good for you to take out the equity you earned with real estate appreciation and lock into an affordable loan from Home Equity Loans Direct! We will assess your situation and explain you how to get a great second mortgage online. Please take a moment to call, either to learn more about a specific equity loan scenario or to get more information. We look forward to financing your home remodel, new home construction or rate and term refinance loan. Rates on refinancing home mortgages have dropped to such low levels that it created new opportunities for homeowners to access cash.

Most Banks will not lend to you without equity or less than perfect credit as most home equity lenders specialize in borrowers with excellent credit. We specialize in helping borrowers with no equity find a loan that meets their expectations. We provide good service with value added consultations that are offered at no cost to the applicant. At Home Equity Loans Direct, we are financing specialists who focus on managing your debt with fixed rate equity loans that save you money.

Fixed Interest Home Equity
Variable Rate Line of Credit
Home equity loans offer a chunk of money at the time of closing escrow. These mortgages are installment loans like an auto loan that feature fixed simple interest rates for a specific fixed term. Each payment you make will be applied to both the loan principal and interest. Choose from loan terms of 10, 15, 20, or 25-year home equity terms. A revolving line of credit will allow you to access to funds as needed for a 10-year draw period. Qualified Borrowers’ lines will routinely renew for an additional ten-year draw period. If the draw period is not renewed, there are options for 10, 15 or 20-year re-payment terms.
Equity Loan
Home Equity Line – 100%

Home equity loans typically are restricted to 100%. However, Home Equity Loans Direct provides financing up to with a limited time offer for an additional 25% of your property’s appraised value. (On Hold)

Monthly payment of principal and interest
(example $75,000.00 balance X 10.99% = $735 monthly payment on a 25 year term)

If you are consolidating $ 75,000 worth of credit card debt that is costing you 1,350 a month, this
equity loan would save you $615 a month.

Revolving credit line grants access to cash up to 100% of your property’s appraised value. Home equity lines have adjustable interest rates that are posted and reported by the Wall Street Journal. (See lender for requirements)

Prime Rate + Margin

Minimum monthly payment of interest only
(example $50,000.00 balance X 7.75% = $322.92 monthly payment.)

Poor Credit Loan Offers
Fixed Home Equity Rates (I/O)

People with all types of credit need to access money with their home equity, but so many lenders won't help people with poor credit scores. If your credit score has suffered and you need a great sub-prime option, the Smart Home Equity Lenders announced a new program for Home Equity Loans.  They offer second loans for people with 540 fico scores who have equity in their home.

Monthly payment of principal and interest
(example $100,000.00 balance X 9.75% = $948.52 monthly payment on a 20 year term)

If you are consolidating $100,000 worth of credit card debt that is costing you 1,750 a month, this equity loan would save you over $801 every month.

Home Equity Interest Rate- 7.5% to 80%
Monthly payment of principal and interest
(example: $50,000.00 balance X 7.5% = $369.50 monthly payment on a 25 year term)

Home Equity Interest Rate- 8.25% to 90%
Monthly payment of principal and interest
(example: $50,000.00 balance X 8.25% = $394.23 monthly payment on a 25 year term)

Home Equity Interest Rate- 8.875% to 100%
Monthly payment of principal and interest
(example: $50,000.00 balance X 8.875% = $415.33 monthly payment on a 25 year term)

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No Equity is Required with a Good Job!

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