About Us

Welcome to Home Equity Loans Direct. We are your one stop loan connection to raise capital with your home equity online.

Our focus is to match customers with affordable mortgage products that best suit their needs. We have been helping homeowners consolidate credit card debt for over a decade now.

Home Equity Loans Direct is committed to helping homeowners manage their finances better and it is our goal to help you lower your monthly payments significantly.

Home Equity Loans Direct can lend you 25% above the value of your property and we do not require full appraisals with most of our equity loans. Most Banks will not lend to you with less than perfect credit and most lenders specialize in borrowers with excellent credit. We specialize in helping borrowers with credit issues. If it can be done, we can do it. We provide premiere mortgage loans to homeowners interested finding the best possible loan online. We are financing specialists who focus on consolidating your debt to help reduce your credit card debt and save money.

In addition, we offer competitive rates on 2nd mortgages, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit. Our loan programs can be designed to fit your credit situation. We have experienced loan specialists dedicated to providing you with knowledgeable & friendly service.

Our focus at Home Equity Loans Direct, is not only to offer you competitive rates, but to deliver you the best possible customer service. You can expect to be contacted by several quality lenders within 24 hours of your loan application submission. Our Lenders are automated for quick approvals and quick closings. Thank you for your business.

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