Refinance Options

Compare refinance options now because rates have fallen to historic lows. Home Equity Loans Direct offers refinance options for home equity loans and adjustable rate 1st mortgages for debt consolidation and rate refinancing. Interest rates are not at historic points anymore, so you can't take the low interest options for granted any longer. However, you still have the option to refinance your 1st or 2nd mortgage at any time. You can use the equity in your home and use the cash to fund home improvements or finance that dream vacation you've always wanted. You can even break the cycle of debt by consolidating high-interest credit cards and other debts into one low monthly payment!

  • Refinance your high-interest loans, credit cards and adjustable rate mortgages

  • We can design a refinance loan that manages your debts and saves you money monthly in order to accomplish your financial goals.

  • We can loan you up to $300,000 on a second mortgage of up to 100% of your home's value.

  • We can provide refinance loans up to 100% of your property’s appraised value.

  • Conventional, FHA, and Jumbo Refinancing
  • 100% Financing, one loan (No money down)
  • Jumbo Fixed (More than $417,000.)
  • Low Rate Refinancing
  • Home Improvements
  • Flexible Equity Lines of Credit

Whether you have equity in your home or not, Home Equity Loans Direct can help! We lend up to 100% of your home's value, and we can loan you up to $1,000,000 for a refinance mortgage loan.

  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • Loans up to 1,000,000
  • Tax Advantage Programs

Home Equity Loans Direct gives you quick refinance quotes from the industry's top lenders who specialize in low rate home equity loan refinancing. Timing has never been better for fixed rate refinancing, and we have helped thousands of consumers refinance their adjustable rate mortgage to a more secure solution with a fixed interest rate. Lock in your Rate Now!

Refinance Home Equity
Equity Refinancing Rates

People with all types of credit need to access money with their home equity, but so many lenders won't help people with poor credit scores. We offer refinance loans for people with low credit scores if they have equity in their home.

Monthly payment of principal and interest
(example $90,000.00 balance X 8.75% = $739.93 monthly payment on a 25 year term)

If you are consolidating $ 90,000 in credit card debt that costs you 1,450 a month, this equity loan would save you over $710 every month.

Home Equity Rate- 7% to 80%
Monthly payment of principal and interest
(example: $50,000.00 balance X 7% = $353.39 monthly payment on a 25 year term)

Home Equity Rate- 8 % to 90%
Monthly payment of principal and interest
(example: $50,000.00 balance X 8.25% = $385.91 monthly payment on a 25 year term)

Home Equity Rate- 8.75% to 100%
Monthly payment of principal and interest
(example: $50,000.00 balance X 8.75% = $411.07 monthly payment on a 25 year term)

You can take out a Home Improvement loan and make those changes that you've been dreaming about. In most cases, making home improvements even increases the value of your property!

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